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Employee Testimonials

Why we're proud to work here!

VNA Health Care staff share why they chose VNA as their employer, what makes VNA different, and why they are proud to work here!

Maria Fauth
Case Manager
Start Date: April 24, 1990
"The reason I chose VNA as my employer was because my mother was cared for by VNA Home Health nurses. They were all so caring, kind, gentle, and compassionate to her. All of the nurses went the extra mile to meet her needs. This made me decide to apply for a job. Almost 19 years later and I still think VNA is a great place to work."

Lisa Gonzalez

Lisa Gonzalez
Pediatric Patient Case Manager
Start Date: September 7, 2005
"I joined VNA because I am bilingual in Spanish and English and I wanted to help communicate between patients and providers to make sure they get the proper medical attention they need. I am proud to be employed at the VNA because it is community oriented. Employees at the VNA are people focused and help anyone and everyone. I enjoy helping people and seeing them return for our compassionate and caring services."


Amy Downing

Amy Downing
Director of Marketing
Start Date: April 15, 1993
"I first came to work for VNA in 1993, just a couple of years out of college. I found a job doing what I wanted to do - marketing and public relations for a health care agency. At this time, the main office and health center were a small operation in downtown Aurora (home health and hospice the largest programs). I learned a lot, gained confidence and looked forward to going to work. It was a bittersweet day when I left VNA five years later to further my career. Fast forward ten years, and in the spring of 2008 I had the opportunity to come back to VNA. I found an organization that was in many ways radically different, yet very much the same. VNA raised a million dollars to buy its own ‘home' (bringing clinic services and administration together), they became a Federally Qualified Health Center (now the largest portion of the business), and the staff doubled in size! Yet, I found the same supportive environment I remembered. Everyone is focused on common goals and our leadership remains committed to the mission and values that make VNA such a special place to work.


Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia
Start Date: October 17, 2003
"In 1975 I came from Jalisco (where I was a Certified Accountant and Addictions Counselor) to Aurora. At this time I did not speak any English. I have always felt that people set their own limitations. There is always hope. I am so proud that I can help my community while loving what I do. My daughter sent my resume to VNA and when they called me I decided to come in to just practice how to interview. At the interview, I was very calm and loved how they described the position but did not think I had enough experience. I could not believe they called me and offered me a job. I realized I needed to do my best because they trusted me. Five years later I still love my job. I enjoy making a difference. A job I was at for 20 years before VNA only gave me one week of vacation - I have so many days off at VNA that I don't know how to use all of my time - I get two months off a year! VNA offers me flexibility and is family friendly. I am proud to work here. I already reached my dreams, and now I am helping others reach their dreams."


Elisa Lara

Elisa Lara
Community Outreach Liaison Nurse
Start Date: April 1, 2005
"My background was in a hospital setting for acute care patients. To think I would change jobs and work in a FQHC seemed unlikely to me. I was introduced to the VNA as a clinic that helps the underserved. Once I learned more it sounded like my ideal job as I became a nurse to help people. I noticed right away that the VNA were strong advocates for the community's health needs and this is what I had always been aspired to do, help our society. As I have grown in my responsibilities here, I have also learned to appreciate the opportunities that it has given me to become a better advocate to our community. I also appreciate that VNA assists patients who may not otherwise be able to obtain health care services. I have witnessed patients who urgently need a procedure to avoid further complications, and we were able to assist them. I really believe we are very lucky to have a clinic that does so much for our community and to be a part of it makes it even more special. I can honestly say "I Love My Job."

Linnea Windel
Start Date: November 7, 1988
"Almost 20 years ago to the day, I was interviewing for a new job. I had a number of interviews and one of them was for a position in the Intake Department with the VNA Health Care. I remember thinking that I had felt a really great connection at VNA – the interview went so well! I consulted my "life coach" (mother) and she gave me the best bit of career advice I've ever received - "Take the position that feels right, all the rest will come naturally." Twenty years and three positions later, I feel as satisfied personally and professionally as the day I started. We have grown into a $16m not-for-profit organization providing a wide range of community health nursing and primary care services in home and clinic settings. I love the entrepreneurialism and the fact that every day brings a new challenge and opportunity. Most of all, I enjoy the work because of its meaning. For most of us at VNA, the meaning has become our "life's work." We know, at the end of the day, we provide quality, compassionate care to at least 50,000 people a year - care that likely would not be available otherwise because the patient has little or no health insurance or because the patient cannot easily leave his home. The meaning behind the work provides the daily inspiration for all of us at VNA to continually find ways to meet healthcare needs in the communities we serve!"

Margie Hernandez

Margie Hernandez
Start Date: November 11, 2005
"I used to be a stay at home mom and I loved it. I thought I would never want to work outside of my house again. However, when my husband's business came to an end it required me to find a job. I didn't want just any job because I knew it was going to be a hard transition. I wanted to find a job where I could help others and be happy. In 2005, I was hired to work for the VNA; it has been a wonderful experience. Our team in Elgin is very unique and I have really enjoyed working with all of them. We share the same goal of helping others and using our talents which leads to a positive environment. I am proud to work for the VNA and knowing that I am able to help our patients and my team."

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