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VNA Values

At VNA, These Values Guide our Actions...

To Serve with Compassion - As a humanitarian, not-for-profit organization we value serving community members in need (young, old, wealthy, poor, insured, uninsured and everyone in between) and each other, treating all with compassion and dignity.

To Be Operationally Excellent - If something needs to be done to serve or better serve our patients and community, we will put the necessary business processes and practices in place to get the job done in a timely and fiscally responsible manner, while always focusing on tangible results.

To Innovate and Share Ideas - We believe in constant innovation to be the best we can be and we believe ideas are good and need to be shared with all who are impacted by and who can help put them into action.

To Seek Work/Life Balance - Work is only one aspect of a harmonious, rewarding life.

To Treat Each Other as Equals and Respect our Nursing Roots - Each employee position and each program and support service plays an equally important role; by working together as equals (across functions, support services and programs) we can accomplish more. Also, our nursing-focused operating model is our past, present and future; it's the "lens" through which we view our community role and responsibility.

To Lead with Integrity - We have high professional standards and when presented with a decision or opportunity, we are always guided by doing the right thing for the community members we serve and each other...(even if this means taking a path that is more difficult to implement and/or less popular politically).

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