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Hospice Frequently Asked Questions

[+] Who signs the agreement for hospice care?

[+] If we sign up our family member for hospice care, and then we change our minds,
can we stop the services?

[+] Is there a hospice doctor that takes over the patient's care?

[+] Does the patient have to leave their residence and go somewhere else to receive hospice care?

[+] How often does VNA Hospice visit the patient?

[+] Will the same nurse visit every time?

[+] Can a hospice patient continue to take routine medication, such as blood pressure medication?

[+] Is a hospice patient required to take morphine?

[+] As a caregiver, will I have to give shots to my family member in hospice care?

[+] Can a hospice patient continue to use oxygen or get a wheelchair?

[+] Can a hospice patient take medication for an infection?

[+] Must a hospice patient follow a restricted diet?

[+] If a hospice patient stops eating or drinking, can they have IV fluids?

[+] Does a hospice patient need be homebound?

[+] Can a hospice patient be left alone?

[+] If the patient wakes up in the middle of the night in pain, who can the family contact for assistance?

[+] Is hospice only for the patient?

[+] Does VNA Hospice have Spanish-speaking nurses on staff?

[+] When is it appropriate to call the hospice nurse?

[+] What is the typical response time when the nurse is called?

[+] What is the nurse to patient ratio?

[+] Is it ever appropriate to take the patient to the hospital?

[+] Can a hospice nurse provide 24 hour care?

[+] Who pays for hospice care?

[+] Who pays for the patient's medications?

[+] Does VNA Hospice provide custodial care or homemaker services?

[+] If my loved one is in Hospice care, do we have to start planning the funeral?

[+] What does the family do when the patient dies?

[+] When the patient passes away, do all hospice services end?

[+] Is there a time limit on how long a patient can receive hospice care?

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