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The Mary Warrick Story  Mary Warrick
At 88 I am living alone in my own house and managing fairly well (I think).
Time has a way of creeping up on us and our abilities
have a hard time keeping more.

Don & Dee Kelly The Mary Nugara Story
Mary came into the VNA hospice service after her primary care doctor asked her son and daughter-in-law "is it time?". Mary had been diagnosed with dementia five years prior to this visit and was becoming increasingly "fidgety", according to her daughter-in-law, Mary Ann. Mary and her husband, Joe, Sr., had moved in with their son, Joe and his wife, Mary Ann. Mary Ann was the primary caregiver to Mary and Joe, Sr. In addition, Mary Ann had her own health concerns, so as Mary's needs increased, Mary Ann became more concerned with how to care for her more.

Don & Dee Kelly The Laurie Sprague Story
Laurie entered the world on November 8, 1961. An early diagnosis indicated that Laurie was a Down's Syndrome child with a congenital heart defect. Her parents, Helen and Bob, were advised at the time of diagnosis to consider placing Laurie in a residential care facility. However, Helen and Bob decided to care for Laurie in their home. As she grew, Laurie participated in life: going to church and a special needs school and joining her parents and friends with family activities such as vacations. She was active in church events and was involved with her parents in supporting the community with activities such as Meals-on-Wheels. At the age of 46 Laurie began a significant physical decline and a decision was made for Laurie to enter hospice care for her final earthly more.

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