The Mary Warrick Story

At 88 I am living alone in my own house and managing fairly well (I think). Time has a way of creeping up on us and our abilities have a hard time keeping up.

My first surgery, knee joint replacement, was in 2006 followed by the other knee five months later. This was my first experience with VNA, ordered by my doctor after the surgeries and was a big help for me. Since then and after several other surgeries, my visiting nurse, Heather Secrest, has become my visiting angel. I’ve been lucky to always have the same nurse, Heather, come visit. She has been so helpful.

Having also trained in Hospice, Heather took care of my husband when he developed lung cancer and was with him through the end of his life. Matt Merges, VNA’s chaplain, has been such a comfort to me and I always look forward to his visits.

Remember that no matter what the challenge, VNA is just a phone call away.—Mary Warrick


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